Can I Really Lose Weight by Juicing?

  • Cynthia L. Fertal, Ph.D.

The Green Smoothie

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There are so many options out there for losing weight… which one shall I use? I know I need to shed these excess pounds, but how? I’ve heard its possible, but can I really lose weight by juicing?

It becomes extremely frustrating to be watching the television or even talking to your friends and hearing about the latest fad on losing weight. Of course you want to try them, who wouldn’t. They promise you the world in the form of losing all the weight you want in this ridiculously short amount of time. Let’s face it… if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

All weight loss needs to be carefully monitored and controlled. So before starting any weight loss program, please talk with your health care provider. By rushing to do the next fad on the market, you are not only doing damage to yourself, but you are also doing yourself an injustice. The plain and simple fact is, fast weight loss equals fast weight gain right back. Obviously you are not interested in gaining any of the weight back. After all, you worked hard to shed those unwanted pounds, didn’t you? And even if you didn’t, putting those pounds back on is less than desirable. It sort of puts you right back into the place you started off to begin with… wanting to lose your excess weight. Nothing but a vicious circle round and round each and every time.

Well – it’s now time to put a Dead-Halt-Stop! to this cycle of lose/gain weight over and over and over again. One of the best ways is to simply add fresh juices to your well-balanced diet. Now freshly made juice is so much more than just fruit juice. Unfortunately, too many people are only familiar with fruit juice. However vegetable juice is important too. In fact, you can even combine the vegetables and fruits to make delightful healthy juices to consume. Not only do they taste so good, they are so good for you. Juices can be blended (keeping all the fiber intact) or they can be extracted (removing the fiber). The major differences will be covered in a future post.

The Story of Louise

Louise was a good friend and neighbor. She loved to try new things, (or so she always claimed) but for some reason she had this aversion to even tasting the “green drink”. According to her, it was disgusting to look at. No amount of coaxing would make Louise agree to sample this delectable concoction. She was so dead set against it, that one mention of the drink and she would simply walk away. Needless to say, I valued our friendship, so I stopped talking about it.

One day Louise was over and she saw my oldest daughter gathering up bananas and apples, so being nosy, she asked her what she was doing with them. My daughter answered her and said she was getting ready to make a juice drink. I guess since the words green drink were not mentioned, Louise didn’t bolt from her chair and run the other way. Curiosity got the better of her as she watched my daughter prepare her drink. As the bananas and apples and spinach were transformed in my Vita-Mix, the fruity fragrance wafting from the blender was incredible. When the drink was ready to serve, Louise shocked us all by agreeing to sample a small glass of the powerful alkalizing elixir.

Only too happy to comply, we tentatively held our breaths as Louise took a small sip… and then promptly finished the green drink in the glass. Her eyes opened very wide, and the look of surprise on her face was quite a sight to behold. She gave us a huge grin and asked for more. We actually gave a shout for joy when Louise agreed that this green drink truly was one of the best things she had tasted in a very long time.

Now you might ask how can you lose weight by juicing, when in reality you are consuming more sugar – even though it is natural sugar. Yes, too much of a good thing is detrimental – even if it is natural. And that is one of the reasons why mixing the vegetables along with the fruits can be very beneficial. A fantastic combination of fruit and vegetables is carrots and apples. I love adding a small piece of ginger to the juice. It gives that zingy tang that wakes up your taste buds very quickly and also allows your palate total enjoyment of the wonderful, healthy juice you have just created!

Losing weight and keeping healthier is much easier when your body is alkaline. And by juicing, you are consuming more alkalizing properties and enzymes than you could ever eat in one day. There are a variety of green drink recipes you can use and adjust to your personal taste. Explore the possibilities and reap the benefits of super alkalizing your body on a daily basis. The following recipe is a perfect way to start, compliments of the Experimental Chefs.



  • handful of greens (collard greens, dandelion, kale, etc.)
  • 3 cut up apples, skins on, seeds gone
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 12 lemon (peel and pith removed) seeds are ok
  • 2 cups water or juice


  1. Place everything into a high-speed blender like the Vita-Mix.
  2. Press liquify (or the highest point on your blender model)
  3. Blend until the whole thing is the consistency of a very thick green milkshake.
  4. Pour into glasses and enjoy.

Serves 2-4 depending upon how much you want to drink. Cover and refrigerate any leftover to be enjoyed later.

Juicing, balanced eating, exercising and a healthy mental attitude are very important in keeping your health optimal. Using your imagination, with the assistance of hypnosis, is a perfect way to allow you to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Find out how much fun and easy it is to get hypnotized by a professional. The results are amazing! Be sure to search out my sessions available by clicking this link – Weight Loss Series

This post has been written and read by Cynthia L. Fertal, M.Ch.T., C.I. ~~ A practicing and successful, professional hypnotherapist and CVR specialist for more than 20 years.

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Disclaimer: This information is for you to actually consider alternative possibilities for your success. Please seek advice from your medical professional before starting any weight loss or exercise program. Taking charge of your body is your right and privilege. Do so with knowledgeable information from trusted sources.


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