Is There A Difference Between Juicing and Blending?

  • Cynthia L. Fertal, Ph.D.

Just the other day, a client asked me… What is the difference between juicing and blending? Now, that is a very good question. Most people consider anything fruit (or even vegetables) in clear liquid form (extracted) to be juice. And in essence that is true. But since the advent of high power blenders, there is a new buzz word in town ~ blended juice.

I’m sure you have all seen the advertisements about the latest and greatest juicers on the market. This one will juice everything including the kitchen sink. This other one right next to it is only selling for $200.00, but if you take advantage of this special offer today only, you can get this amazing juicer for a mere $49.00. And for the first 100 lucky people to buy this juicer, you can ~ in the next hour ~ get it for ONLY $17.00! That’s right my friends – only $17.00. GROAN!

Now obviously just about everyone here has seen this type of ridiculous come on… but when it comes to juicing machines, you do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I too have purchased inexpensive juicing machines in the past, and they have fallen apart after just 3 uses. What a waste of money and time. It just isn’t worth it! The pulp ejected is still very wet ~ indicative of the extraction not doing a good job and most of the juice is still left in the pulp, only to be thrown away… along with the machine!

Extracted juice and blended juice are two different things… and they have two different purposes as well. First of all, good juice extractors are not only wonderful, but they are critical for producing the best extracted juice. Extracted juice is simply fruit and/or vegetables that have been literally ground up in the juicing machine and spun, to remove the liquid, in a centrifugal manner. All this is a part of the juicing machine and it happens automatically. The pulp that is left is ejected out the back of the machine, while the clear liquid juice flows freely and fragrantly down the spout into a glass or container, ready to drink. There is absolutely nothing like the taste of fresh raw juice!

However, there is a major down side for doing extracted juices. It is very easy to use 3 and sometimes even 4 whole apples, depending upon the size of each apple, just for a single 8 ounce glass of fresh juice. If you don’t mind using that many apples at one time (most certainly more than you could typically eat at one time), as well as composting or trashing the resulting pulp, then that will not be an issue. The wonderfully fragrant juice that emanates and wafts from the extraction juicing machine certainly gets your saliva juices working overtime. Foaming with a good juicer is practically non-existent… which is a good thing. I’m sure you would rather drink clear, sparkling juice instead of foam. Save that for the beer. 😉

One of the reasons why clear, extracted juice is so often served in very small glasses is because of the concentration of the juice. Drinking this juice can increase your blood sugar if you are sensitive to high amounts of fructose that naturally occurs. Because of the concentration, it can be easily diluted with pure, filtered water ~ almost half and half if you would like. You will still get a very tasty juice to drink. And of course, if you have no difficulties with your blood sugar, by all means enjoy your juice elixir straight up.

Now on the other hand blended juice is totally different. There is no waste and also you get the opportunity to retain all the fiber from the blended fruits and vegetables. (Yes, if you like, you can even blend the apple seeds ~ just not pits) Quite beneficial to the body in many ways. By drinking blended juices, your bathroom habits will change for the better. It is possible if you are only used to drinking filtered juices, then the texture might be a little bit strange at first, but trust me ~ adjusting to the texture will come very easily and in a very short amount of time.

There is also a very big difference in the amount of fruits and vegetables that are needed to produce tasty blended juice. As I had mentioned above, it is very easy to use 3, 4 or even 5 apples just for a small amount of clear, extracted juice. On the other hand, putting a single apple, with some raw leafy greens like kale, spinach and/or collard greens, adding 8 or so ounces of filtered water and perhaps a few almonds and walnuts into a high speed blender will most assuredly give you a huge amount of blended juice to enjoy, complete with fiber, some Omega fatty acids, protein, fruit and of course all the wonderful benefits of the raw greens.

Clear juices make a great pick-me-up ~ and you will find that blended juices also make a fantastic breakfast. (The fiber will keep you fuller longer.) Try both kinds of juices… the possibilities are endless. Try them for a week and see how you feel. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that they are a perfect substitute for soda and sugary drinks, and so much healthier for you too. You be the judge.

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This post has been written and read by Cynthia L. Fertal, M.Ch.T., C.I. ~~ A practicing and successful, professional hypnotherapist and Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR) specialist for more than 21 years.

Disclaimer: This information is for you to actually consider alternative possibilities for your success. Please seek advice from your medical professional before starting any weight loss or exercise program. Taking charge of your body is your right and privilege. Do so with knowledgeable information from trusted sources.


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