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Do You Use Food as a Reward?

Decadent Chocolate Cake

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How many times have you done something that perhaps was difficult to accomplish, and when you finally did get it done, you decided to give yourself a reward? Now how many times was that chosen reward food? Treating yourself is always a nice thing to do. It makes you feel good, it makes you proud of your accomplishments, looking forward to the next task at hand, and it allows you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. When we treat ourself to a reward, you may wish to consider something other than food though. Of course, it depends upon what kinds of foods we are talking about here. Typically, however, most people look at a food reward or treat as something sinister… something that they “shouldn’t” have.

Weight Loss Tip #8 ~ Are Baked Goods & Cardboard The Same?

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This might be a bit strange, but have you ever eaten a store bought baked good and just didn’t like it… that it tasted way too much like cardboard? All too often I’m afraid. Gone are the days when the “good stuff” that you buy in the store actually tastes like homemade. Ever wonder why? Very simple. If you look at the ingredients in the so-called cupcake or donut or whatever type if pastry you are wanting to eat, just how many of them are you able to read, pronounce and understand? Not too many I’m sure.

Yes, as I have mentioned numerous times previously, food additives are a

Do You Snack While Watching The Television?

Eating & Watching TV

Oh… the temptation to eat while you watch TV. Even more so when something exciting is on, like the Olympics. Do you find yourself munching and crunching in time with the beat of whichever venue you are watching? OK, not a bad thing, but just WHAT are you munching and crunching on…

How Many Meals a Day Do You Eat?

Eating Pizza Every Day Makes It Difficult to Lose Weight
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“Oh my! I really need to lose weight. I can’t believe that I look like this in the mirror! I think I will skip breakfast and just have a small salad for lunch. Hmmmm, I think I will have some soup for dinner and that’s all I will eat today. That should work out just fine. That will really help me lose this extra weight.” Now, just how many times have you said something like that to yourself? How many times have you decided to only eat one meal a day simply because you were wanting to lose weight?

Well, to be totally honest, that is absolutely the worst thing you can do to yourself. Yes, you just might lose some weight,

Should I Keep A Weight Loss Journal?

Weight Loss Journal

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Let me ask, how many people keep a weight loss journal? No you say? In return you might ask, Why should I keep a weight loss journal? To be honest, it is almost imperative to keep track of your success, and the best way is through journaling.

Do you know how easy it is to “forget’ all the pain and suffering you have gone through to get to where you are now? What prompted you to start on your weight loss quest to begin with? Typically pain and suffering. That’s right. When you get to a point when you are no longer emotionally disturbed and distressed by your excess weight, then it’s critical that you keep your weight loss journal up-to-date. If not, it’s too easy to slide and revert back to your original bad habits… most of the time without you even realizing it!

Let’s face it, when you start to feel good about yourself, it is much easier to slide. You no longer feel

Can I Really Lose Weight by Juicing?

The Green Smoothie

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There are so many options out there for losing weight… which one shall I use? I know I need to shed these excess pounds, but how? I’ve heard its possible, but can I really lose weight by juicing?

It becomes extremely frustrating to be watching the television or even talking to your friends and hearing about the latest fad on losing weight. Of course you want to try them, who wouldn’t. They promise you the world in the form of losing all the weight you want in this ridiculously short amount of time. Let’s face it… if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

All weight loss needs to be carefully monitored and controlled. So before starting any weight loss program, please talk with your health care provider. By rushing to do the next fad on the market, you are not only doing damage to yourself, but you are also doing yourself an injustice. The plain and simple fact is,

Green Smoothie Guidelines… Why Do I Need Guidelines?

Green Smoothie

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Green Smoothies! Green Smoothies are a fantastic, nutritious and alkalizing drink that are perfect to enjoy for breakfast. In fact, green smoothies are a wonderful drink to consume at any time throughout the day. The nutrition they give you are comparable to any good meal, and in some instances, even surpass the nutritional attributes of said meal.

I’m sure by now many people are very familiar with the term Green Smoothie. Perhaps though you may not know exactly what to put into these delicious drinks. For many advocates of the RAW movement, there are just countless varieties of recipes that are available to try.

Is Food a Comfort Thing for You?

And The Winner Is...

“AGHHHH!!! I am so-o-o frustrated! I wish I would not have said what I said. Especially to the person I said it to. Now it will get all over the internet. G-R-O-A-N! Oh, what am I going to do. Hmmm, let’s see… some chips and dip will make me feel better. How about some chocolate. That ALWAYS makes me feel better! Mmmmm ~ Ahhhh, yes. Much better. Boy that chocolate really tastes extra good today. I wonder if anyone will notice that there is no more left.”

When was the last time YOU reached for some comfort food just to help make you “feel better”. In many ways, we all tend to do it, just some more than others. Comfort food can be classified as a

Weight Loss Tip #9 ~ EGGS!… Good?… Bad?… Indifferent?

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Eggs are probably one of the most misunderstood foods around. Everyone and their brother has an opinion about eggs. Too much fat, one might say… bad for your cholesterol, someone else might offer. And then there is the question about how many eggs a week are “safe” for you to eat? Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish!

[For the record, the cholesterol in the eggs will NOT contribute to any increase in the cholesterol in your body. That is a different matter altogether!]

So few people are aware that eggs are probably one of the most complete foods in the world. Actually the protein and the fats in the egg complement each other to make it a whole food. Yes, that’s right… that Incredible, Edible Egg.

Eggs are truly one of nature’s “miracle foods” with each large egg sporting only 70 calories. Eggs are all-natural and jam-packed with so many nutrients. One egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals ~ including Vitamin D, loads of the B vitamins, Vitamin E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids. Eggs also offer plenty of high-quality protein, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. WHEW! Is that enough good stuff for you all wrapped up in one small package?

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a hard-boiled egg or two when you are in the mood for a snack. Not only will it supply you with a great healthy snack, the protein and fat will allow you to feel satisfied and will “stay with you” much longer than any carbohydrate ever will. Then when it comes time for your actual meal, you won’t feel ravenous, actually eating only what you want instead of everything in sight. Sounds to me like a good start to keeping your weight loss moving in the right direction!

Eggs! The Miracle Food ♥

Is There A Difference Between Juicing and Blending?

Just the other day, a client asked me… What is the difference between juicing and blending? Now, that is a very good question. Most people consider anything fruit (or even vegetables) in clear liquid form (extracted) to be juice. And in essence that is true. But since the advent of high power blenders, there is a new buzz word in town ~ blended juice.

Weight Loss Tip #7 ~ Do You Eat With Your Eyes?

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Do you eat with your eyes? Now that might seem very much like a silly question, but if you really think about it, how often have you walked by a bakery looking at and salivating over the delicious looking pastries. Not to mention the absolutely phenomenal smells that emanate from the bakery as well. When you go to a nice restaurant, is the food pleasingly arranged on your plate? To be honest, you really DO eat first with your eyes. If the food that has been served to you just doesn’t look good, do you really think you would enjoy it as much? I think not!

No matter what kind of meal you are planning on eating, whether it is in a restaurant or more importantly eating at home, get double the pleasure out of each meal. First of all make sure the food is cooked properly to retain as much nutrients as possible. Arrange the food pleasingly on your plate and appreciate the beauty of the perfectly made food. (As well as enjoying the amount of time and effort and all the love you put into the meal.) Enjoying it ahead of time by “eating with your eyes” will enhance the flavor even more than you could ever imagine. And of course, when you take your time to eat slowly, the whole eating experience becomes a total enjoyment all around!